Faqs Section

Commonly asked questions:

1. How long is a lesson?

* All coaching sessions are 1 hr. long.

2. What do I need to bring to the class?

Please wear warm comfortable clothing & bring a bottle of water.

3. Do I need to prepare a song or two before my class?

* It's always handy to have just a verse and chorus of one of your favourite songs ready so we can get to work immediately.

In case of Auditions or specific targeted training, please prepare your material as much as possible beforehand.

4. What if I'm late? 

* You have a one time grace window for lateness. After that, time will be taken off your allotted 1hr. to compensate.

5. What if I need to cancel or postpone?

* re-scheduling or cancellations require at least 24hrs. prior notice or you could be charged half the lesson fees.

6. Can I pay cash at the door?

* Thank you but no.

Full payment is required at least 24hrs. prior to the lesson so please use on-site booking form and payment options or contact me via email or phone to discuss alternate payment details (e.g; bank to bank etc.).

7. I've paid but don't know when I can take the lesson after cancelling previously.

*All paid for lessons must be availed of either within 2 weeks of booking or by prior agreement at another date or risk losing the fees entirely.

8. How long will it take me to learn how to sing well?

* For beginners, I suggest budgeting your time, energy and money for at leats 6 months of weekly lessons to see effective gains in your voice and singing.